First Impressions: Google+

I have had some time to play around with Google+. The interface is total rip-off of FaceBook’s UI. 3 coloumns and a header, 1 search bar on top. All elements in Google+ are positioned exactly the same way as Facebooks’.

To start with, Google has introduced quite a few buzz words-

1. Circles
2. HangOuts
3. Sparks
4. Streams

1. Circles

The most central and defining (also differentiating aspect) of Google+ is Circles. On surface Circles give an impression that they are similar to Facebook groups, but they are not. They are just like Facebook lists, the difference is they are uni-directional, here circles superseed individual relationships.

In Google+ you add someone directly into a circle (this relationship is exclusive, uni-directional & not mutual). Here groups of people are lumped together to form a circle. Adding someone to your circle is similar to ‘Following’ concept in twitter, the only difference is communication/sharing to that person has to happen through circle but not individually to the person.
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