What I learnt this week..

I have been reading Clay Christensen’s book ‘How will you measure your life?’. The book could not have come to me at a better time, there is tonnes of valuable advice for those who are looking to re-define or re architect their life around balancing personal and professional life. I spent most of my last two years among highly ambitious and driven people and these qualities have had quite an infectious effect on me.

According to Clay Christensen; high potential individuals generally tend to pour personal resources like time and energy in projects that yield most tangible benefit in shortest amount of time like that promotion at workplace, or the special bonus etc. while ignoring those projects that yield highest returns in long term i.e. relationships, family and friends. Generally the relationships we have with family and close friends are going to be the most important sources of happiness in our lives. And when everything seems to be going fine, we have a tendency to put investments (time and effort) in these relationships onto a back burner while working on other seemingly important tasks and by the time serious problems arrive in those relationships, it is often too late to mend them. And rightly so, quite a few times in my life I personally have been guilty of ignoring my family, girl friend, friends cause I have been lured by the prospect of learning the next greatest theory or solving the next biggest challenge. Arguably spending time with friends or family didn’t yield me the intellectual kick that reading or learning gives me.

Most of us aspire to see ourselves as someone with a happy family, good set of close friends, responsible kids etc. When we think about all the choices we have made with our time in a week, does our family seem to come out on top? Because if the decisions we make about where we invest our blood, sweat, and tears are not consistent with the person we aspire to be, we’ll never become that person.

The book has tons of good advice, most of which has been explained with excellent business analogies. And best part is that the book is not preachy at any level, and it is for people wanting to think about how to help themselves. A must read!

9 thoughts on “What I learnt this week..”

  1. Nice one Mannar. I am reading(I should say listening) currently “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. It is essentially about tapping Neuroscience knowledge to train our brain to new habits. So this book can be read as a sequel to what you read. You can use cues from this to change what you wish to and become what you want to.

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