Thoughts on Facebook

Facebook is a place where one shares their world; where even silliest of thoughts have a large patient audience, who cheer every single activity from a mediocre achievement to a random stupid picture. What Facebook has done is something phenomenal, it has managed to change many established norms and rules binding social interaction. In a non-Facebook world, for somebody to have such a large audience he/she either has to be a people magnet or some one who could articulate his/her thoughts in an attractive and appealing way. Facebook empowered people, thus enabled them to communicate with out having to master the art of social interaction. A few years ago the idea of sharing your moods, feelings, disappointments etc was radical, or was considered stupid at best.

The biggest winners of Facebook era are millions of those who were given a voice to mass communicate with a no effort at all. I am not sure how many of you have watched this video ‘Average is the new Exceptional’, many might disagree, but in a Facebook world  mediocrity and banality are good enough.

Have a Great Week End Folks! 🙂


Published by: Mannar

- Technology Analyst at Deloitte - Mechanical Engineer turned IT Professional - Technology-Social Media Enthusiast. - Blogger & Photographer.

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One thought on “Thoughts on Facebook”

  1. Yeah I guess mediocrity in a large number creates a standard of its own.

    And good to see you back blogging man……hopefully tht zeal to write has revived.

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