Fight for Mobile OS in On..

The battle for Mobile OS is getting hotter and hotter like I predicted in 2008 October. Microsoft has now come up with a new iteration of Windows Mobile OS, Windows Mobile 7 which is  a complete break away from previous windows desktop styled phones OS. Microsoft made its intentions very clear with the new Windows Mobile 7, it is here to fight back. If you have used Zune before, then you know how this works.

But does the mobile industry stand now? Quickly if you can see below, here are the current generation OSes made for smart phones-

  • Apple – iPhone OS
  • Microsoft- Windows Mobile 7
  • Google- Android
  • RIM- BlackBerry OS
  • Plam- Palm webOS
  • Nokia & Intel- MeeGo OS

Did I miss something here? Symbian. Nokia, the world largest maker of mobile phones is said to move of slowly from it and adapt MeeGo. But each OS has its strength, iPhone OS is tightly locked into proprietary hardware.I am afraid even Windows Mobile 7 going that way considering that it is tied to Zune Market Place and XBox Live. Microsoft’s success here might depend a lot on the way it convices it hardware partners to embrace the Mobile 7, and it looks like it already did the ground work. Android and iPhone OS have a huge lead over the other, can Microsoft play the catch up?

Google Android is an Open Source OS, currently the superstar in smart OS, with over 1,50,000 Apps rivaling the almighty Apple App Store. Interestingly Mororola, Samsung, Sony Erricson already started embracing Android. While RIM is the Enterprise hero with its successful Blackberry series. Palm Pre made quite some spalsh last year, can it sustain the battle in long run? But for Palm Pre all companies listed above have billion dollar war chests, to go up against each other. It definitely is getting interesting 🙂


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