Pop! And Gone…

I stopped counting as to how many saved drafts that lie, just waiting there to be finished and published. Well few words never gel together, too discordant and too artificial. I wonder why I write stuff, hardly few read them. I wouldn’t declare ‘I write for myself’, it would be lie if i said so, the main intention of me writing was rather a dirty one. I wouldn’t reveal it though.

I am just writing here something for the sake of writing, for the sake not having told anything for a long time.


2 thoughts on “Pop! And Gone…”

  1. there’s a man i think who suits the characterization made by Ayn Rand of her characters, particularly Howard Roark He IS an actual figure in the world’s history. It’s NIKOLA TESLA, the man who single-handedly lit the world. The man who ought to live, and lived only by his principles and against the idiosyncrasy and faint-hardheartedness of the world during his time. If you still don’t know him, better google him now.

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