Carbon Dioxide, Methane & Temperature

Scientific models derived by analyzing the ice sheets as old as 650 thousand years to the present, in Antarctic circle have shown that Carbon Dioxide levels are directly proportional to the corresponding temperatures all along. Human activity apparently upset the 650,000 year old carbon dioxide patterns. Carbon dioxide levels are now 27 percent higher than at any point in the last 650,000 years, according to research (Study on Antarctic ice cores published on Thursday in Science). If we keep releasing CO2 at the same rate the levels of CO2 are going to double by the end of the century. Thats like a lot of green house effect.

But what remains to be seen is the relation between the level of CO2 and Temperature level. I have managed to get a screen shot from Al Gore’s climate change documentary AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH.
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The red line represents the level of Co2 is last 650,00 years and blue lines are the corresponding temperatures in their respective periods. The temperature patterns are a very complex and depend on N number of factors. However in a general sense Temperature change is attributed to Co2 levels in the atmosphere. If this is true then Global warming is true and is happening.

Other Implications Higher Global Temperatures

  • The oceans act as great sinks for Co2, however if we keep adding more Co2 to the atmosphere more of it will be absorbed into the sea. Thus formic Carbonic acids and increasing the acidity levels. Which could lead to destruction of coral reefs and other forms of oceanic life forms. Which ultimately destroying the natural balance of marine life.
  • Under the depths of sea there are large quantities of frozen Methyl Hydrides which are kept in check by the High pressure and low temperatures of the Ocean Depth. But even with a little increase in temperature of the ocean, these methyl hydrides release Methane gas (CH4). It is estmated that if all the methyl hydrates in the ocean bed are relased, the amount of methane in the atmosphere would be increased by 3000 times and Methane gas is 24 times more powerful than Co2 as a green house gas. Hence keeping ocean temperatures in check is very critical.
  • Thawing of Permafrosts also leads to dangerous consequences, thawing leads to increase microbial activity again which lead to Methane release. If this happens the total increase in Methane would be 1o times of what is present in atmosphere now. Sadly Methane is just not another green house gas, it is highly flammable. So with such high quantities of methane in atmosphere a simple lighting can lead to an explosion equivalent several nuclear bombs in the atmosphere, spelling a apocalypse.

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