Drive Less & Drive More Efficiently

Aint the Oil prices soaring high?

Crude Oil in early nineties (1994), costed nearly $20/Barrel now rocketed to 120$/Barrel in mid 2008. Estimates by Goldman Sachs say that oil prices could end up any where between 150-200$ in the next two years. Bad news? Well might be, it slows down the economy and yada yada. The exponential rise in crude oil prices is will environmentalists delight. Reports suggest the number of fuel miles is coming down when compared to the same time last year in US.

Higher fuel prices imply lesser Usage of personal vehicles

=> Lesser Carbon emissions

=> Positive contribution to Global warming

=> Lesser Traffic congestion, leading to less wastage of fuel in the idling time.

=> Lesser fuel Usage implies decrease in demand, could lead to lesser oil prices.

=> Lesser chances of you bumping into someones head, there by saving their lives. he he..

Apart from avoiding vehicle, can i do anything else to save fuel and reduce gasoline carbon foot print?

Technically there are a million things which one do. However I’ve complied a few of the practical and easier ones here.

  • Switch of the engine at the traffic signals if the idling time is more than 30 seconds. One car or one bike doesn’t matter, but imagine a couple of thousand doing it, we are in turn saving thousands of litres of petrol (and money) and corresponding carbon emissions.
  • Driving practices go a long way in saving lot of fuel, as a rule of thumb always keep your engine in good condition and increase fuel efficiency in 1200 to 3000 rpm range, and shift the gear upwards for the engine speed of 2000 to 2500 rpm.
  • Remove all the junk in your boot. Lighter the ride, lesser is the load on the engine and lesser the load smoother is the ride. And better fuel efficiency is on your side.
  • Avoid using AC for car speed below 30 miles. For speeds greater than that you can happily switch on AC, as the air drag which puts additional load by opening your car windows the engine equals to the fuel consumed by switching your AC on.
  • Discourage people buying cars whose mileage is less than 35 Miles/Gallon or 15Km/Litre of Gasoline.

Todays Slogan: Minimalism does the trick

And Few facts

+ Production of every new car releases 4 Tonnes of Carbon and 302 Kg of other pollutants into the atmosphere. We don’t need a new car if you keep your old one in decent running order, unless of course your car is a fuel guzzler.

+ Burning One Litre of Petrol leads to 2.344 Kg Of CO2.

+ Each tree absorbs 22 kg of CO2 every year (for at least 40 years)

So how many trees does it take to eat away all the Carbon from the Fuel you burn?


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