End Of Love..

My grandfather is critically ill, I am supposed to feel sad, shamelessly I don’t feel a thing. How could I be so indifferent, why doesnt even a single tinge of sympathy seep in. Wasn’t he the same one who cared to care,the one who took us to those evening candy walks. There was a time when Grand pa was more dearer than mom and dad. Now i feel i am completely detached to him every possible way. Now do I qualify to be branded into monstrous cold hearted category? Have i become something which i always dreaded to be. I am supposed to love him by default, isn’t that automatically assumed of me. The same thing goes with family and friends. I wonder if whatever i feel for them can be really called love. How is it really supposed to be? Am I supposed to force myself to feel sorry for him. Now after all this I am not sure if i really love anybody now.

Its always funny, sometimes you know people for years and yet end up not feeling a thing for them, while it just takes few weeks to be attached to someone.


2 thoughts on “End Of Love..”

  1. This is a very precise observation made by my friend and senior, Mannar. i think this kind of a feeling lasts with anyone or everyone at least once in their lifetime.
    the phenomenon that Mannar has explained is totally true as even i have been thorugh this.
    i do not feel a thing sometimes if something happens to a dear one. but i think my answer would be that we are clouded by so many other issues surrounding us, that we do not take an initiative to actually give these kinds of problems any importance. otherwise, if one’s mind is clean and clear to take in such problems, i think it would work the way that you or others expect it to.

  2. Honest and frank to your ownself… There is no one right way… I dont think not feeling anything is a sign of lack of love. But, there is a deeper cause for you to explore… Understand what is death and you will get all your answers there…

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