Taare Zameen Par…

Just watched Taare Zameen Par. Its not the stars, but tears which rolled on the floor. I am usually a bad sob act to movies, but this movie didn’t waste a moment to make me shed a bucket and a half of tears. I personally could relate to myself, of what I saw in the movie. The cast, direction, music all were tuned to perfection. The best part of the movie was that it wasn’t as cliched as I expected it to be. However there were a couple of irritating over insensitive characters like the teachers and not to forget the father. The director failed to eliminate the Bolly Masala element to movie, a dramatic entry for Aamir before the interval proves the point. The teachers characters also were text book Bollywood style characters. The music though was excellent and expressive, the narration relied too much on it. The vocal interludes looks completely engineered to evoke tears and manipulate the emotions of the audience. Although the movie gets a bit preachy at times, it just about manages to get away it.

The movie had scuttled all the potential to be a truly international film, only if it had not been for few deliberate and unnecessary characters along with typical bollywoodisms. It could have done well to be an international classic. But nonetheless a good two hour worth spending.

It would be a 10/10 for a bollywood regular and a 7/10 for an international reviewer.


6 thoughts on “Taare Zameen Par…”

  1. hmmm i watched the movie in the middle of the night and i thot it was a nice and an easy goin movie . i didnt cry buckets but yeah its moving .

  2. wats the point of rating a movie 10/10 in the end while all thru’ out the blog,u hav just bashed it up left n right…
    Next time, try concentrating on the msg put across so brilliantly(which is so rare n so tough) and not on the inane characters and silly diversions.

  3. Hello!!!
    A movie is an art, It is meant to be tuned to perfection. I never said it was bad movie,all I wanna it could have been a near perfect movie had it not beenfew short coming.
    I loved watching it,one doesnt have to be emotional about some one not liking it.

    Anyways Comments always add worth to this space..thank you sooooo much Divya:)

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