Feeling Pensive..

Memories are most often a strange thing, they never fail to surprise with all the potential they have got. Nostalgia is something I get sucked into with great consistency. The melancholy and pensiveness strikes so often that I end up contemplating and wondering if all the experiences are meant to be forgotten or to be cherished.

My life most often seems to be void of something, waiting for something to fill in. But every single time I end up realizing the answer just after the page is turned over. Be it my ever growing frustration of not having a girl friend or other silly things which bother me.

While listening to the RJ talk on the radio, I floated around his question of what would you do if you got to turn the clock a 10 year back. This brings me to think my school days and how much i was fascinated with this girl, only to learn eight years later that she was also greatly fond of me. A few times we gazed at each other for brief moments, rarely smiled and never talked. The only time i remember talking to her was me trying to start of a conversation by asking for something i really didn’t need. Funnily we never talked again. Though we don’t know much about each other, the thought of her doesn’t seem to escape my brain even now. No whereabouts, No phone numbers, No traces…

Just as they say ‘Memories are a good thing as long as you don’t have to deal with the past.’


Published by: Mannar

- Technology Analyst at Deloitte - Mechanical Engineer turned IT Professional - Technology-Social Media Enthusiast. - Blogger & Photographer.

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One thought on “Feeling Pensive..”

  1. Let me tell u , this post of urs is probably the best one among all ur posts !! It was replete with so much of emotions ,and that too , so beautifully put , that I was really moved !!

    Well u no who I am ?? Was one of ur classmates in TIME. 🙂 🙂 I just luv the way u rite Mannar !! Guess it’s long since u’ve posted smthn …Pls don’t stop ritin !!

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