Spiderman III- Alternative Story

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After Being disappointed by Spidey’s Third offering of the series, I decided to have a story of my own in place of this one. Take a look at my version of Spiderman-The Third and suggest any changes, if you feel like…


Peter Parker Feels confident of himself and decides to propose Mary Jane for Wedding, he enjoys all the adulation and respect of the New Yorkers. Peter Parker is no longer the guy he was at once(S-2). Now he is more confident,brash and a little ego creeps into his mind. More after receiving keys to the city in special ceremony and along with the new found glory. The fact that He is Spiderman gets too much into Peter parkers head. He capitulates on the fame game and kisses one of his rescues in a Spidey way. This is much to the discomfort of Mary Jane (who is struggling with her career as Broadway actress) and slowly the relation between them starts to strain.

Now harry starts from where he ended in part 2. Fresh with all the cool new gadgets and the suit, he seeks to avenge his fathers death, believing Pater Parker/Spidey is responsible to his death. Harry pushes for a fresh attack on Spidey, Spiderman’s experience in duels and superior acrobatic skills help him in over coming The New Goblin. How ever he saves the unconscious Goblin(Harry) from a fall, for him being his best friend.

A tiny meteor crashes from the sky with a Symbiote(a mysterious substance) attached to it. This Symbiote Attaches it self to Peter Parker’s Bike, which slowly makes way and attaches it self to Spider-man. The symbiote has mysterious property, it amplifies any physical and mental dimensions of the carrier. And Thats what it did to Spider man. His suit turn black and now he becomes more powerful,arrogant and is full of Vengeance. He inflicts heavy injuries(some times even kills) on all those Law breakers instead of simply handling them to police as he once did.

It turn out that the dark Spider-Man becomes unfriendly and turns into an Ego Maniac. Spiderman’s popularity now is at an all time low. So much so that the NYPD was ordered to terminate Spiderman in any further mis-event.

In the midst off all this Peter Parker losses his temporary job as photographer to a new guy(Eddie Brock) who captured all the infamous incidents of The Dark Spiderman. Peter Parker developes a hatered for his replacement and convinces his editor that Eddie Brock tampered with few of the Spiderman reports and humiliates him. And hatred for Eddie Brock is deeply rooted in Spiderman, he later inflicts blows and shows off his arrogance by unmasking himself. He challenges Eddie Brock and New Yorkers to do anything in their power to stop him from doing what ever he does.

And as if it is not enough Peter Parker pays no heed to Mary Jane and ends an already strained relation, by smacking her hard. Now free from relationship,Peter Parker succumbs to all new temptations and indulges in philandering and he even considers dropping out from college. All this happens to be too much for Mary Jane, her failing career and the ruin of Peter Parker, she finally leaves New York. While this happens Peter Parker gets a new girl friend, Eva Blurr.

Harry (the new goblin) was plotting all along to kill Spidey. He was just waiting for the right moment. It seemed as if there is no better time.

Aunt May worried over the ways of Peter Parker advices him saying “One must confront oneself in order to change”(damn!! now i realize,I’m so bad at those hard hitting dialogs) .

He dives into a deep introspection, which was further enhanced by Symbiote (remember? it can amplify or increase the intensity). And Spiderman realizes that the Symbiote is the cause.

He goes to the top of church (i don’t get it,they call it something) and tries to unbind the Symbiote, but it proves too tough..He tries real hard, but in vain..Later Spiderman tries to unbind it by exposing himself to extremely high temperatures at a factory, by risking his life…miraculously it does unbind. Spiderman now is now the same old one we know, except he is full of guilt now.

Thats exactly when Eddie Brock who visits the factory for some stupid reason(which i cant think off at this point of time). Is unfortunately binded with the symbiote. And thus all new powerful VENOM is born, he (Eddie Brock) is still fresh with the bitterness toward Spidey/Peter Parker for all that he has done. The venom(Eddie Brock) is more powerful than Spiderman because the Symbiote felt Spiderman betrayed it by getting rid of him.

Finally VENOM takes Peter Parker’s new girl friend as hostage and challenges Spiderman. It definitely is a big ask for Spiderman to slip across overwhelmingly powerful Venom. Spiderman takes up the challenge.But his intentions were not to destroy VENOM but to help Eddie Brock get over the Symbiote. For he know how it can corrupt one and more because he believes he is responsible for the fate of Eddie Brock. While Venom always out to kill Spiderman, during the great duel VENOM ends up killing Peter Parker’s new girl friend.

Just before VENOM is about to finish off Spiderman, surprisingly Harry (New Goblin) who also seeks the death of Spiderman comes to his rescue. Both of them work together to keep VENOM engaged and finally succeed in unbinding and destroying the Symbiote, while saving Eddie Brock.

In the climax scene Spiderman asks Harry “Why?”





Both the best friends remain to be so…
But the lovers fell farther apart…
While The coffin of Eva Blur lies on Spiderman’s conscience…

What Made Harry (New Goblin) help Spiderman?
Will Spiderman Get Mary Jane back?
Will Spiderman gain back the trust of the people?

I am sure we can answer these questions is Spiderman-4


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