Paris Hilton & Geek Update

Guys you Know why I am Happy?? Paris Hilton is all probability might have to stay in jail at least for a couple of months. Don’t know why, but the news to me was heart felt and was deeply satisfying. 😛

And theres lot of action brewing over the net, microsoft is seriously pursuing to take over Yahoo! for a sum of 50 billion dollar.

The real shocker was the shut down of Yahoo! photos, which is likely to be announced officially sometime now. Thats some bad news…really bad new..

And Now this is news….funny to say the least…The Digg team deleted a story that linked to the decryption key for HD DVDs after receiving a take down demand and all hell broke loose. More stories appeared and were deleted, and users posting the stories were suspended.That just got the Digg community fired up, and soon the entire Digg home page was filled with stories containing the decryption key. The users had taken control of the site, and unless Digg went into wholesale deletion mode and suspended a large portion of their users, there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop it.

Microsoft reboots Web, with the launch of Microsoft Silverlight, which is much superior FLASH equivalent. Seems like its some good news for flash haters. And check out the review of Silverlight from Techcrunch. If you have patience just check out the capabilities of Silverlight from the site,they were really impressive.

Yahoo! Messenger team finally felt the need for a browser based Web messenger. So all those who curse their fire walled office servers, have reason to rejoice. Here comes the Yahoo! Web Messenger. And here is the official announcement.


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