What of me remains?

We all would love to think we are special, but in reality, much to my annoyance it pains me..because “I am plain ordinary and insignificant” ..Some day I will be dead and burnt if i dont burn,i will be buried and will lay rotten. What in me remains? or rather What of me remains?

We all are tagged with My Perspective, My Ideas, My feelings, My this and My that, but we are all lesser mortals. Musicians and writers they do it so effectively, they get to channelize and convey them so effectively. I mean how do they do it? Do lines come out of their pens just like that? Or do they try hard to make lines and sentences which are not just cool but also mean deep.
I would want to be immortal, not physically but at least is some form or the other…some people are just as lucky as musicians, artists, writers and all…though they die, the idea of them or the thought of them still remains. I know it really doesn’t matter what ever people talk of you after you die. But imagine inspiring a generation of people and then they talking about you and your work. Forget about making a difference but at least making an impression in others hearts, even if it is for a few moments, would be deeply contending.

I would like to believe that I am either a Writer,Novelist or a Journalist equipped with all the instruments and tools of English Vocabulary,so that i can trans-muse all my emotions,the mental stimulation into words. Its like,i know what feel and what i think,but putting the thought process into words is not as easy as it seemed. Even if i made an attempt to write,i find it hard to weigh between what to include and what not to. I am certain that i neither have any purpose nor the need to put in words,but it is strangely satisfying deep inside.

Some times I wonder what is so Intellectual Or so Incoherent about my blog. Since it has been tentatively titled ‘Intellecutal Incoherence‘, probably a lame attempt to flaunt my limited vocabulary which most of the times is saturated. 😛

But here is some good news for all those who blog, blogging is like an elixir, you are slowly structuring your immortality, blog by blog and day by day. Even after, say you die, people can still know there existed a person called ‘XYZ’ or may be someday my great grandson reads my stuff and realizes how desperate his great grand dad was, to be special.




4 thoughts on “What of me remains?”

  1. I’ll let u know . All u have to do is make an impression on me and I swear by my beard, I’ll leave a small note in my will

  2. What of me Remains? Well, every living being on Earth or elsewhere has definitely a purpose to serve a meanin beyond human understand! Everything Happens for some good that human beings can’t understand and I am invain explainin as a Godess 😉

    Anyways, it was a “big” read and comments too 😀

  3. anna , ur thinking matches with that of mine….hmm !!

    but one thing…i feel that ur blog is way too less compared to the emotional content it reflects…i think u wanted to tell much more…

    i think it would be better if u take this topic to a greater elevation….

    all the very best with everything


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