College Curry

What was i up to for the last one year?

I did everything possible other than studies..Last semester I was working for our college fest ‘CARPE DIEM’, JAL a Pakistani band, Indian idol Runner-up Karunya and DJ Sukethu performed at our collage. It was grand success with a crowd turn out of 20,000.

But planning the event itself is a major hurdle. Deciding the bands and then zeroing on one of them, co-ordinating with them to see if they perform on the dates available, planning the campaigning routes and the dates. Dealing with too many Ifs n But scenarios,like “What if it rains?”, “What if the power is down?”, “What if there is a security problem?”, “What if an emergency?”.

Thinking of alternatives then making back up plans, as if that’s not enough we had to design the posters, the teasers, putting up the web site, running around police stations to seek permissions for the event, getting quotations for infrastructure and security,weighing the best ones, negotiating the deals. Getting hotel accommodation,transport,flight tickets for the bands and getting the tickets,posters,hoardings printed,the publicity work and finally selling tickets. I could simply go on for an another 20 lines. Now i really wonder how we could manage it all. But somehow we just did it. It was one helluva of an experience.

There they go JAL at C.B.I.T (And excuse for the bad quality of video and audio, but this is all i could get in youtube)

And then again back to the boring exams and done, the first semester was over. Didnt even realize when it started, but ended too quickly.
Come second semester, ragging time it was. Though the intensity of ragging considerably came down, it was more of a general interaction. The stupidest thing is any one who even tried talking to the juniors were booked for ragging, in fact i had a close shave, i just escaped from being suspended for a week or so.

This brings me to remind me of our ragging days as a junior. Our journey to the campus was a one hour journey so that was when we got ragged the most. I was supposed to to sell cheap candies(10 if i rightly remember) at outrageously high price,little did the seniors care, for they were only bothered to put us in a tight spot. Some how i persuaded one of my friend to buy all of them, and the one who told me to do it was quite annoyed because i did it with ease. Then he wanted me to buy them back and sell them to 10 different people.

And i was even made to dance around one of the cylindrical steel columns in the bus imagining myself to be a pole dancer. And rest all juniors turned into DJs and singers for my act. Most often we were asked to recite some sexually implicative limericks and parody popular movie scenes and dialogues they asked rather ordered to sing songs with altered tunes..

One of my most memorable ragging incidents was when i had to hold up the bus with a drafter. It was stupid hilarious. And my most tedious ragging incident was when i was supposed to find the perimeter of the basket ball court with a pen. Mannar being the smart guy that he always was, after pretending to measure the whole court’s perimeter, I arbitrarily told some random number. The seniors were even smarter, they exactly knew how many pens would make a perimeter of the BB court, cos they themselves had to do it when they were juniors. i was made to measure again. Funny ain’t it.

Things these days are quite different from what they were, the college authorities were strictly resolved to curb ragging. Though ragging happened, but not as much as we had to. Im sure junior must have missed quite a few memorable moments. Then we had some really great interaction sessions specially with those pretty junior girls and made quite a few good friends. Fresher’s Party was what every junior was waiting for and finally i did happen in the last week of last month. And i designed a really funny invitation card and this is supposedly the best invitation card amongs all the braches in the college.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
The party was great, just great..We usually have Couple Dances,Rapidfire Rounds and other stupid games for the Juniors based which we usually give away titles like Mr.Fresher, Ms.Fresher,Me.Cool,Mr And Ms Quick Feet etc. And we also have a rose round in which the guys give roses to the girls of their choice and similarly the girls tag a tiny heart to the guys of their choice. And the one with most hearts will be titled King of hearts and similarly Queen Of roses for the girls..

The party was even more rocking,coz i got maximum number of hearts again(I was King Of Hearts as a Junior)..technically i was KoH again,but they don’t title Seniors 😦


My Share Of hearts


Me at My Fresher’s

Since I’m blogging after a looong time, have so many things to tell at the same time. Hope i didn’t bore you guys with my college stuff.

Thanks For The read anyway..


6 thoughts on “College Curry”

  1. Wow…
    I want to talk with you… How can i do that ?
    Can you mail me some more tips on how to become Mr. Fresher ??
    Please….it would be a great help for me….

  2. The Card was superb and mind blowing….
    Can you send me a copy of freshers card……
    I will be very thankful to you…..

    1. The Card was superb and mind blowing….
      Can you send me a copy of freshers card……
      I will be very thankful to you…..

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