Jelled To The Cell


There was a time when i totally smashed and insultingly toyed with all those cell phone users, specially those who really didn’t need one(usually my peers at school). From “Cell phones are harmful to heart or what ever” to “All the bills you pay to those MNC’s, just drain the national currency ” to “The public annoyance they cause”…I pointed out every stupid reason possible for not having one.

Earlier people asked me if i owned a mobile phone, now they jus stopped asking but rather directly ask for the number,everyone now presumes the next guy has one.

Now i succumbed to the very thing i detested at once. Not having one these days meant stay dull and dusted in a corner, no real time connectivity ,just made me feel cut off from rest of the folk. I never realized that it’s so easy to get sucked into all this Mobile culture,specially the text messaging mania. There were times when i really didn’t bother even to say good morning. And now i message ‘good morning’ ‘good morning’ ‘good blah blah’ not once but as many times as i can, its just that my fingers itch a lot more when im idle.

May be the next time i need persent a paper will do some thing related to The Mobile culture and the impact it made on the new generation of users.

Pretty happy over,Vodaphone take over of Hutch, heard that they will breath down the neck of regional players with some advanced technology and value added services, similar to those in Europe.

I know pretty long boring post,but didnt want this space to lie dead….that’s its for now… keep rocking….


4 thoughts on “Jelled To The Cell”

  1. I used to hate cell phones as well, mainly becuase they annoyed me. People were always using them, they were constantly ringing, and it was just a concentration wrecker.
    Although I do have a cell phone now, I still dont use it that much, its a very expensive habbit.
    Cell phones definately are handy and convenient though.

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