Valentines day and blah blah blah

“Love is blooming” read one of the the next day morning news papers, may be they just forgot to add “Stupids throw their money,while fools(not really) mint their fortune”.

I don’t know whats with this Valentine’s day, every third guy in the collage turns up with a red shirt and even more funny it is, that they think its cool. I got really strange and hilarious responses for them doing so. Most of the times we humans have such a strong herd instinct that, we just fail to explain many of the things we do, we just follow and follow.

I personally think proposing some one on Valentine’s day is probably one of the most unromantic things to do. I would say any day, but for 14Th of February. Theres something very repelling about this day,the very idea of having such a day is flawed.

While my mobile service provider, who issued a remainder saying all the messages sent on national and public holidays will be charged one rupee,which otherwise is one paisa(1/100th of a rupee). I still fail to understand how can Valentine’s day go on to become a national festival or a public holiday. Considering the significance the media and market give to Valentines day, i guess it wont take long for 14th of Feb to become a national holiday.


2 thoughts on “Valentines day and blah blah blah”

  1. Very clever way of looking at Valentines Day. For me – it all depends on what I have/had going on that year. I can totally relate with people who find Valentines Day repelling, but at the same time it can be really fun to watch people who love it so much. Sometimes you can’t hide from the Holiday Spirit.

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