It Happens All The Time

I’m still recovering from disaster,i.e the semester results. Though i was anticipating them,the results still were shocker. But I’m glad that i didn’t flunk the paper,which apparently i thought,i would. Unfortunately the problem is that the acads don’t seem to motivate me much,which seems to be the problem with most of the techinical education students in India. Probably the teaching methodology owns half the blame…

My problem is more to do with lethargy and procrastination. However the latter seems to be more of a worry. I do things which i feel guilty of, which at the same time are pleasurable,guilty pleasure as they say. Like i tend to postpone class work until the N’th hour and do some silly things which wont even yield a broken egg. I choose to do some mindless stuff on the Internet or the computer,instead of finishing off my work in advance.And at the last minute lethargy gets better of me,and eventually end up lost in the deadline race.

I wish(not really),I must have flunked in that paper,may be that would be enough of kick towards motivation. The thing with this is that,I get a close shave,but not not close enough to learn a serious lesson. Can somebody teach this desperate,how to motivate oneself 😦    Gotta formulate a plan and prioritise things. I would like to think I’m strictly resolved about this…but you know,There is always a next time…


Published by: Mannar

- Technology Analyst at Deloitte - Mechanical Engineer turned IT Professional - Technology-Social Media Enthusiast. - Blogger & Photographer.

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One thought on “It Happens All The Time”

  1. I didn’t know there is always next time? I suppose Life is “Now or never”… What say?

    Boy, you have such creativity and ability… besides Maturity and brains 1,206 victims prove that :)… It also proves you dont even have to think of flunking paper! Being of your age, I do understand, you acad books are not so colourful as that of your Internet or Computer stuff… but there is an unknown enchanting aroma in your books… Did you ever smell that? Its so fabulous that once you smell it, trust me, you will become its addict 🙂

    All the best… I honestly blieve you are a brilliant student and you will do well 🙂

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