Digital Memories

How many of us break our heads thinking if some particular thing is worth preserving or archiving….may be an old chocolate wrapper,a pen which I’ve used as a kid,a childhood sketch or an old notebook.

I would hardly remember having them.And neither do i care to look at them or even bother at usual times,may be during the next disposal session,the only time when they come across. But those moments with them are special,though it sounds silly and trivial..some how things like this strangely are a reflection of one self,objective memoirs as they can be called.

This comes to remind me of my dad’s collection of letters,which ranges over a period of 35 years.I envy him for it,though we can pride upon the fact that we can archive every piece of sms or message.E-mails(no matter how well written the are) or any other digital letters,are still are vastly inferior to hand written letters…they simply don’t have the  element of personal touch…

I usually write my personal journals and save them in my Inbox…i write letters,but are stored in the form of binary code…i send and receive greeting cards which don’t last past a month(flash cards)…I get nostalgic when i find an old hand written letter,but rarely do i even feel like reading at my old e-mails. The only good thing about the digital content is their ability to share withe ease and longevity.


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