Matrix Triology Review

I remember watching the movie “Matrix” when i was 13 year old. I had no clue as to what was happening, yawned till the climax but enjoyed those hong kong action sequences in the end. That’s it,don’t even remember watching the movie till i saw it quite a while back. Now i wont forget this movie is years to come.

The movie is one of the best sci-fi movies although the concept of the movie is very simple,the directors of the movie made it more interesting by adding a philosophical dimension to the movie. The conversations through out the movie are quite interesting and they raise many questions about ever eluding answers to humanity. I must say it is a philosophically evolved movie. The characters through out the Trilogy have many similarities to many characters in Hindu mythology and parallels can be drawn between Christian beliefs,however the movie mainly tends to incline on Advitha philosophy and Buddhist principles.

What is more interesting is the way in which Program Computing terminology is inter-twined with the essence of the movie and the names of the characters. For example take Cypher(a character in the first movie) who is a hidden “bad” guy and Cypher also means hidden code.So is NEO,and is quite referred as “The One” in the movie,which is an anagram of Neo.And even Morpheous,meaning “the god of dreams and sleep” “He Who forms shapes and molds”,which is understandably similar to his role in the movie i.e the one who awakens Neo from the Matrix. The Matrix in the movie is quite similar ‘Maya’ or ‘illusion’ which Sri Krishna talked about in the Gita.And Neo could also be the reincarnation which Bible speaks of….or could be an Avtaar of Lord Vishnu in Hindu Mythology which is prophecied in vedas,while in the movie ‘The One’ is prophecied by the Oracle. The different cycles of Matrix are similar to the concept of Yugas in Vedas. The movie talks about yin-yang relation of our existence in an abstract way,like The Architect and The Oracle,Neo and Agent Smith..We could simply bring about any number of similarities as we want.

However the quality of sequels considerably deteriorated in lines of philosophy or mental stimulation.The sequeals leave the audience with more questions rather than answering those in first part.How ever the CGI in sequeals is highly impressive.’Matrix’ triology is one such movie series that any one can afford to miss.If anybody is into religious philosophy,Matrix series is definitely for you…


Matrix 9.2/10

Matrix Reloaded 8.6/10

Matrix revolutions 8.1/10


2 thoughts on “Matrix Triology Review”

  1. That is a deep review of the Matrix Trilogy. I enjoyed reading it. Although I havent seen the all of the Matrix films, and I can’t remember when I saw the first one, reading your review makes me excited and anxious to get to it.
    It’s funny how the sequels to films always tend to turn out worse or not as entertaining as the originals.

  2. I agree with everything you wrote. Few years ago, my two teenager sons were watching this movie again and again and that is the reason why I happened to watch this movie. Then only I realized this movie has a lot to do with Hindu Upanishad teachings, specially with the teachiings of Lord Krishna in Bahgavad Gita.

    For many elders this movie is a big turn off but for people who can see though this movie, it speaks volumes. It speaks about the awesome power of the Maya [illusion] .

    Just like you wrote, When Krishna was questioned by Arjuna about the creation, only answer Krishna gave is

    “Through my Maya, I create this creation in the beginning of time and at the end of time, this creation merges with in me.”

    Lord Krishna states, man is deluded by the MAYA and only by transcending MAYA [illuison] man can attain self-realization.

    God creates everything through MAYA [illusion]…

    Now man has started creating everything through MAYA [illusion.]

    Vedanta Sutra states all happiness and unhappiness is in the BRAIN.

    Apart from that both Patanjalai as well as Vashista have written YOGA-UNION WITH GOD means STOPPAGE OF METAL VIBRATIONS.

    After all what is SELF REALIZATION? Realizing one is the immortal soul within and not the perishable body.

    Electromagnetic pulses in the human brain are behind everything we do. Our thoughts and mind are just products of the human brain activity.

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