Most Used Web2.0 Apps

Initially when I was first introduced to web,apart from the web mail and yahoo home page,I hardly knew a couple of sites which could keep me engaged.Now I hardly have time to use all of them,thanks to all those excellently innovative web2.0 Apps.So this post takes inspiration from the post “15 most useful web2.0 Apps”

Here is my list of most frequently used web2.0 applications:

Flickr is THE ORGINAL of photo sharing and hosting.Probably is the most complete one,among its kind.And the icing on the cake comes when it increased it monthly limit from 20 to 100 MB for free users. All its clones look mere imitators and have nothing radical to offer.If you don?t like Flickr,try PICASA WEB ALBUMS

Bloglines is the my official browser based feed reader.I must be grateful to Bloglines,it is a huge bandwidth saver,it must have saved a lot of money for me 😉 Though Google Reader is doing some great job Bloglines is faster and is one step ahead.

WordPress is supposed to be the best of all blogging service providers.I guess its really a powerful application.The free themes in WordPress beat the ones in Blogger by miles.I’m planning to buy some WordPress extras,like custom CSS etc can any one help me out. is my favourite web2.0 music app.It is the metaphorically similar to Flickr,the original social network for music.It scrobbles all my music plays and makes charts of top artists,songs etc.Also has online radio stations and also a separate flash based radio player.For those who didn’t like,Pandora is a good bet.

Orkut is probably the only site I use,even though I don’t like it. Orkut is a social networking site which is hugely popular in Indian Sub-continent and South America. Since most of my friends use Orkut,I am forced to 😦 I would rather prefer using something like facebook.

Technorati is a tagging and blog pinging site.Can mark favourite blogs and it acts as a feed reader for favourites.Could be helpful to increase some blog traffic,though I didn’t see any significant change in mine 😉

Feedburner is probably the most reliable feed provider out there. It provides a very detailed feed stats and is quite helpful for those who want to study their readers. Honestly I still didn’t realize the full potential of this service.

Other applications which I would like to add is

Youtube: Used by millions,could be used even more if people have no bandwidth constraints.Definitely not for people like me.

Wikipedia: Who needs a Google search,if you have wiki to know every damn thing you ever wanted to know.Hail O Wiki. The mother of social bookmarking.Though I use it,I’m not so good at tagging and saving bookmarks for the network.I bookmark links more for myself.

digg: Its a social site for interesting stuff based on user voting,the stories which have high rating move to the top of the page.This site is highly addictive and for geeky ones.

P.S: Im no expert at tech Apps…jus wrote what i knew..he he

Have A Nice Day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Most Used Web2.0 Apps”

  1. Hi,
    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

  2. Nice ones… know only 3/4th of them, use only 1/2 of them :). digg and are totally new… nice ones!

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