New years just keep coming

Firstly Wish You All A Very Happy New Year..It Takes really a lot for me to say “Wish You A Very Happy New Year”.Cause I’m not at ease with the artificiality surrounding those words..Oh! come on who would really want others to have a bad year.LOL

While the rest of the world seem to be stuck up with partying and celebrating,i was watching a “good” movie at a family get together, which went on to become boring since i already saw it N number of times.I was obligated to stay with them and neither did i care to attend a friends party.Just Wanted to be alone but could not.

One thing which simply amazes me is that we humans are experts in discovering new ways to celebrate mediocrity. Coming to new year,its simply a change in the date and time,which we arbitrarily chose to start off at some point of time.Probably people do need a reason to party and stay happy,what more than attaching significance to some date change which appears quite different from others..

New Year is simply market’s blue eyed child,which catalyses consumer activity..the news and entertainment networks,clubs,pubs,malls,bakers simply smile their way to banks. I’m sick of same old stuff that the TVs have been showing,the same ol’things people were doing every succeeding new year.Nothing radical or different.

Resolution is probably HOTTEST WORD in the fourth week of December every year and a kind of word which we obviously wont remember at any other point of time during the whole year.I’m sure most of us forget the things we planned to do by the end of January.

Last year i had a made set of resolutions(for the year 2006) and prepared a wish list which i blogged here Few of my last years resolutions were(along with their status in brackets)

  1. Maintain a “Things to do book” (used it in patches)
  2. Write a personal Diary. (wrote over four pages,all in the 1st 10 days of Jan)
  3. Get some running shoes and sprint every morning.(half accomplished,brought shoes,but didn’t start running)
  4. Do things as and when i say, i should do.(no comments)
  5. Score 80 percent in current academic year.(mission failed)
  6. Organise my pictures ands sort out files staying here.(will never happen)

Bottom Line 1: Its not how many or what resolutions one makes,it is how serious we are about them.

Bottom Line 2: Resolutions are like rules,meant to be broken.

Bottom Line 3: Never make Resolutions,don’t risk breaking the promises you made to yourself.

Bottom Line 4: We dont change when we want to,we change only when when we have to.


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