Fight Club-Review

I would not hesitate to say that Fight Club is one of the best movies ever to be made.The film is a bit violent and graphic,even if you hate violence you will still love the movie,because the movie is not about it.To start with the movie is primarily a satire on modern consumerism and materialistic attitude.This is more or less close to “The Matrix ” genre kind..Surprisingly the movie can be interpreted in different planes..On one side,the movie points that its a personal conflict between a man’s subconscious and his real the same time it is an attack on modern capitalism..the movie also shows a tinges of atheistic,Buddhist and socialistic principles…masculinity in modern times…

The Movie starts of with the narrator himself narrating his story. Who has every thing,but for self-contentment,satisfaction and suffered from insomnia…later he gets addicted to support groups cause it served as an emotional outlet for hi…slowly possessiveness over the groups turns him away from them…subconsciously he is in search for alternative solution for his problems…So he and Tyler Durton,whom he comes across a plane journey, discover a way from moving all this, how do you move away from a problem…just eliminate the problem…They start a Fight Club which served them a way to vent off male aggression,inflict pain and more pain,to desensitise that rest all little troubles and pain fades in comparison…and later fight club moves away from being what it is mean to turns in a cult…i wont reaveal anything more about the plot…

The movie is a narration by one of the prime characters in the movie…There are many sequences which are strangely dark and satirical at the same time….like the narrator of the story,wished that he the died in a plane crash during a business trip..since he gets paid thrice the insurance while on a business trip…this is specially amusing cos he has no one for himself in his life…..The dialogues are also spot on,The narrator refuses to smoke because his insurance policy is against it..”The things you own end up owning you” comes the reply….how true….The movie’s narration is subtly humorous,rather a self satire,which most of us can relate to…

And Those who didnt watch the movie…..dont read any further

When one of my friend shared a copy of the movie Fight Club and added “You would be shocked with the ending,its almost impossible to guess it” and you know what..i could figure out that Brad Pitt(Tyller) was the narrator’s hallucination much before the climax. I think, i could because of movies like Beautiful Mind Or may be Sixth Sense…though the specifics in the three movies vary,they still have something in common…in Sixth Sense Bruce Will’s is paranormal,who doesn’t exist with respect to five senses…while in Beautiful Mind Russel Crowe(John Nash) suffers from an illusionary disease of non-existent people,which is quite similar to the “narrator” in Fight club,except here he has an alter ego..

A 9+ pointer for Fight Club.



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