When H(r)owling Sneezes, Fans catch Cold

Even a slightest expose of any stupid snippet of info on Harry Potter (even if its distinctly related), triggers the fans into a frenzy. The fans bombard message boards as if it is a leak of a stunningly best kept secret on UFOs. They went berserk, my inbox was bombed with 6 mails revealing the name of the latest release, as if I cared and as if the world needs to know. N-number of offlines in my messenger. The scraps in Orkut, not even my cell phone was spared.

Last time there was a Harry Potter release…Oh! yeah i wrote a blog on it, almost 15 months back in yahoo 360….

Were u one of them who lined up get the latest book of HP?

I can see that the whole episode is so much hyped, the media all over the world went ga ga over the event. Its like the more ‘bizzare’ the behaviour of the fans, the more legitimate is the news. They seem to develop a philosophy of “man biting a dog” being essence of news worthiness. I saw on TV in Australia where thousands of fans invaded book stores with LIVE snakes in their HANDS, elsewhwere people dressed as non-magical muggles or magical wizards,as fancy took them and India was no different. To top it all, in Sydney 1000 potter fans re-enacted the famous episode of HP’s arrival into the world of wizardy by gettin into a special train called ______ (some xyz).

Its difficult to say how much of this fuss is spontaneous and how much is contrived gimmickry. But everyone is in a race to out do each others stupidity. There is more to JK than being a producer of fantasy tales. As a promoter of her products she has been quite manipulator of expectations. For well over past 3 years the book has been well advertised, she has been feeding the public about tantalizing leaks about its progress. After its release she fixed a well advertised date of release and media did rest of it for her. Not having read the HP series i m not entitled to judge it.

The book’s merit as an innovative genre of fantasy literature will long be debated.Its the same old story of unending battle between good and evil-the theme for epics and fairy tales. But the HP episodes,more than for its literary contents it is the promotional techniques tht seem to do the trick. The whole thing was well orchestrated sales pitch.

I just want to now if all of it is worth the hype and hullabaloo. I finished reading first one long time ago. Now I am still stuck with the second book, by now all HP fans must be cursing me, planting choicest of abuses on me…never mind!!!


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