A Movie To Remember

I finished seeing A WALK TO REMEMBER for the fourth time..or may be the fifth time, Its just not any other teen love story,jus more than that..A story about totally opposite teens(mandy moore and shane west) who face peer pressures and the perils of love and death…Apparantly it was an adaption of a novel with the same title..The scenes in the movie are believably real and sad…And this perhaps enters my all time favourite movie list..

Very often people talk about TITANIC being a great love story,while i didnt even jerk a tear…but i dripped quite a few while watching this one..Jamie and Landon(the lead characters) seem to represent the true virtues of life and love..the movie really made me wanna be either of the lead charaters..Mandy Moore and Shane West share a brilliant screen chemistry and their is acting is very impressive…Mandy Moore deserves a special mention…lights up the screen and attracts strange instant charm and affection..The roles suited either of them so well that i just cant imagine of any other actors for the roles… character evolution is brilliant through out the movie..and to my surprise finally a great love story with out any sex..he…he….to my disapointment the movie doesnt end the way,we want it to be it…The background scores are just great,dominated with some guitar backed tracks from Mandy moore and Switchfoot..get the OST if you can,i loved it….Let me tell you again,this is just not any other love story..definitely something more…

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oops i forgot to rate it… little less than 9…may be 8.9/10 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Movie To Remember”

  1. I can totaly see why you’d like this movie as much as you do, I havent watched it for a couple years now, but i remember when I did I thought it was incredibly sad. The lessons and struggles are perfect but for some reason I just can’t place this movie as high as a 8.9. haha. It was worth watching though. Hey, what about like Garrett Hedlund for the role of Landon.

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