A thing for past…

Yesterday I experienced an un-felt feeling,a sort of thing which never happened to pass by my senses…I suddenly woke up from my sleep, my heart was racing quickly and i was sweating..im sure it was not a nightmare..strangely it was some slide show kinda thing of all the unpleasant experiences, rough pathches ,embarrasing situations and most importantly missed opportunites..How would it have been,had i done this?…why was i like that?…i shouldnt have hesitatated back then?

Now that i am past my teens, i would like to believe i had a very colourful teen life..But one stupid night experience like this changed my perception of it all, i might hate myself for being late and even more when the difference between both the extremes is just an effort,which i didnt bother back then.

i was awake all night trying to figure out what it was,was is some kind of warning..or am i sub-conciously repenting for the past…i wish i could jus unstitch my past and taylor it to my needs…


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