Troy: Review

I’ve always had some strange fascination with time based movies(in backdrop of earlier years),specially those with battles in it..the kind of warfare, the costumes, the background scores..they always give a nice mysitic touch…

The movie starts off with Paris(Prince of Troy) and Helen (Queen Of Spartan) fleeing from spartan after a peace pact between Troy and Spartan..King Menalaus(King Of Spartan) who is enraged over betrayel of the enemy seeks the help from the rest of the Greek Kings,and sets out with a huge naval fleet to win back Helen from Troy.A Battle which is supposedly prophcied 1000 years ago.

The movies primarily revolves around the characters of Achilees(brad pitt),Paris(orlando bloom),Hector(??),Helen(some one,but really beautiful)..and then…………

Arrgg…I really dont know how to write i supposed to write the story..or am i supposed to write about,what i feel about the movie..but how would you guys understand it,if you havent seen the movie…let me not bang my head…

The best thing about the movies is neither bradd pitt nor Orlando,but rather the dialogues…the timing,the sense,the punch in the liners were almost perfect…atleast watch it for the sake of dialogues…

This is really not a review…this jus a token of appreciation for the movie,i think this movie really deserves one from my side…Although the movie is not very faithful to the orginal Homer’s Illiad,it still makes a good watch..

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Expected Reactions From Readers:

*Are you a nuts? A review in 2006 ending,for a movie in released in 2004

*This sucker thinks he is the only one who has seen Troy..

*Simply F* off…

He he Have a nice day 🙂


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