Idle Drifter Turns Researcher

I get very strange reactions from people,the moment they hear my name “Mannar”.Are you a Malayalee? Or May be a Tamilian..hey! wait i guess you are from noth India…no no i thought you are from north east India..Are you not a Muslim?..No one ever gets it right…While few ask me what it means,cos its really a strange name to have…What is more surprising is even my parents dont know what exactly it means.

Infact my Great grand father’s dad was also named so,’Sri Raja Mannaru’ precisely.It was told to me that he was a great scholar and kavi(poet) and excelled in Avadhanam (a highly challenging literary feat,he was a shathAvadhani). He was a very late child,it was told that he was born only after his parents took blessings in “Sri Ranga Mannar Temple”(Lord Vishnu’s Temple) which is in Tamil Nadu.And hence the name,so my grand dad presumed that Mannar means “Vishnu” Or “Krishna” (vishnu’s Incarnation).

After a bit of research on the net i came to know that Mannar doesnt mean Vishnu or Krishna either..It is a name of a small Island just above Srilanka and below Tamil Nadu. Mannar means ‘deer river’ or ‘silt river’.

In Earlier Days it was a practice to name temples by prefixing or suffixing the name of the temples with the place or region where the temple exists(Kasi Vishwanath temple,Tirupati Balaji Temple) and so was RangaMannar temple.

Unfortunately this is not where the my research concludes…I found another site quoting

In Telugu, “Gudi” means temple. Since, Sri Rajagopalaswamy who is also called with the name “Rajamannar”, this sthalam(place) is popularly called as “Rajamannar Gudi”.

I guess you have seen many conspiracy documentaries in Discovery with out any proper is mine..

CLOSING LINES: “What is more important is what you believe in...”

LOL…have a nice day…


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