Poor Poppers

Next time anyone listens J Lo or Jo Jo,my advice is jus to ear em once,tap your feet twice and move on…no Idolizing or no fan boying..I quite often hear rock fans saying pop is all crap,its all fake..i brushed it off thinking them as being highly perjudiced to their genre..

Now i jus hate myself for having been a loyal pop fan all these years,jus after seeing this. I that  heard even highly established artists get their pitch corrected using computer programs..hmmm but does it matter as long as i am entertained?

Real music is dying a slow death and this can be confirmed when shit stuff like Paris Hilton also go on to make music albums.Commercialization is the worst think to happen,not just music but for any other form of art.

I would say this is a mockey on people who pay to buy music,thinking it to be a work of some one talented.Thats why i believe music should be free(and i sincerely stand by my priciples)…And this to some extent is good news,cos even i can dream of making a record one day,probably the first thing i would do after becoming a millonaire…

Heres one more mock murder againts Nu-Metal….i would say ‘dont miss it’… here

Have a nice day. Image


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