Whats with this geeks….me now talking about the techno geeks,specifically those who cant eat nor sleep till they get their daily dose of techno syrup,seems like its some kind of diesease. And i,more or less seem to be bitten by this bug.

I use atleast 10 such services which give their daily installments of tech pills,from digg to slashdot,tech crunch to cnet.Im chewing away almost every single snippet of info that my eye can sight…im totally addicted….the irony is for me most of the tech there  is either useless or too expensive for me to afford and even if i can afford,i dont have access to it(me being in india).

I’ve never had a gaming console,nor have and intention of owning one,but im sure i read atleast 100 articles solely on Xbox 360,Nitendo Wii and Sony Playstation…articles  from predicting the price of the product to kind of packaging it is goin to have…few singing in praise of a product(which even the guy writing the article hasnt used) and criticizing a gadget just because it happens to be released by a competetor of his favourite company even before it has been relased to the market(heard of ZUNE) and the extent to which people go to  prove their stance confounds me..

  • Vista stinks because it is from MS
  • So is the case with IE 7
  • Yahoo mail sucks because it is not google
  • Gtalk is the best because it is fromw here it is.
  • Since it is not apple,Zune must suck.
  • quack quack quack because its donald duck.

Whats more funny is people drawing battle lines..creating domains and running anti-product sites..hatezune.com,hatethis.com,kickthat.org,thissucks.net,thisispieceeof shit.org        I think most of the geeks are far from being in reality..We are after all small(insgnificant) part of the huge market for whom every single feature of the product may matter while the rest of the world is too busy even to buy one…Im sure you must be hating me by now itself…

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