Actually im in no mood for this….personally im really on a low today…some times when everything is sailing so smooth and suddenly with a startling revelation,out of the blue things hit you,fissures develop,rage sets its easier to move away from all this,rather than face it…this is what happens when you take people for granted…i wish i shouldnt have done what all i did(or what all i did not)…the feeling of guilt is sweeping my conscious…i really hate when things turn against you,for something ive done unconciously…right now many questions wander in and around my mind…
if tru friendship is about sharing,is it still necessary keep things away from one another?
can there be different parameters for judging the same thing between two of them who are equally guilty fo the same thing??
im sure you must have no idea of wat im talking about…at the moment i feel that im alienated and victimised for things im not solely resposible…how do i make them realise that ive put so much into the relation…and is it good on their part for not even hinting on their matter of concern and still solely blaming it on me is really leaving me in dire straights…


Published by: Mannar

- Technology Analyst at Deloitte - Mechanical Engineer turned IT Professional - Technology-Social Media Enthusiast. - Blogger & Photographer.

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