Cost Of A Compliment And Carelessness

Carelessness has become more or less a habit to me these days.Let me tell you about an incident which happened quite a while back..was it first week of last month or is it the second,naah it doesnt matter much..alrite it happened to me that just forgot to return my answer slip after taking the test(my 3rd mid) and jus walked away from the hall and put the answer sheet in my baggy nicely. By the time i was at the other end of the college, some one called my friend and told i forgot to return the sheet..which i vehemently denied and defended saying that i returned the slip,then it didnt take much time to realise the truth..i raced back to the examination hall wondering if he is goin to accept it,to my relief he did.Later i walked back to the canteen and met two girls from the other branch,i told them what happened they smiled and one of the said “You are luvly re..”,while the other girl nodded in agreement..i jus smiled and walked off to the cash counter saying “how could i be so stuipid?”…I was over elated with the compliment and handed over a 50 rupee note to the guy there, took a coupon worth 10 bucks and moved on….later in the evening when i had to pay for the auto rickshaw fare,my empty purse was even more empty…know why?i forgot to take the change from the canteen guy(compliment fxs)…shit i was double careless..i felt happy for the first carlessness of the day which earned me a compliment but inturn costed 50 bucks 🙂

And yeah done with my marathon exams,4 lab exams and 8 theory and the best part now is holz for a month or so…


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